Succession planning & wills / Registrations

  • The UAE does not practice ‘right of survivorship’ (where property passes on automatically to a surviving joint owner upon death of the other).
  • The Shariah Law applies to the distribution of the estate where in all bank accounts, investments and life policies are frozen and fixed share of the estate is distributed to different family members.
  • Dying intestate (without a will) can leave debts unpaid and raise family disputes and the estate is finally dealt with by the courts which can add to the pains of bereaved family.
  • Having a will decides who you would like your estate to pass to and at the same time speeds up the process of distribution of your estate which means no family disputes and complete family protection.
  • A Will is the only document that allows you to appoint Guardians to protect your children’s future.
  • We, at Lemon, assist you right from drafting the WILLto registration of the WILL and giving it the legal effect.